• Kitsch and the Danger of Guilty Pleasures – Pt 2
    Please see part 1 of the blog.Adorno's main concern in regard to kitsch is with the social aspect of history, and more importantly with the lives people are living in the present. He explains how, when kitsch is employed, the “social moment” becomes formed through it: "by serving up past formal entities as contemporary, [kitsch] […]
  • Kitsch and the Danger of Guilty Pleasures – Pt 1
    Guilty Pleasures was instigated by the BBC radio DJ Sean Rowley. Whilst beginning as a radio show, and then producing compilation CDs, it became a popular clubnight throughout the UK in the noughties. As a music style it was concerned with music that the listener likes but is not approved of, music that might be […]
  • Why Does She Stand on One Leg?
    A Semiological Analysis of the Chambord Flamingo AdvertYou can watch the advert here - Best Ads On TV - or read the description below. Please scroll down for the semiological critique itself.Brief Description of AdvertThe Chambord advert opens with the single leg of a women next to that of a flamingo. The next two frames […]

Conferences and Projects

Recent Conferences Papers and Invites to Talk

  • June 2013: Presented at the Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds: Anchoring Rural/Urban Aesthetics
  • June 2012: Panel for the BA Fine Art Degree Show (paid position)
  • Oct 2012: Presented at Heritage Show and Tell, Leeds: Alive and Kicking: The Legacy of Woodhouse Cemetery
  • July 2012: Invited speaker at Land2 Symposium: Close to Home: Artists Reconsider the Local, Leeds (paper title: Speaking of Space: Revealing the Other St George’s Field).
  • June 2012: Presented at Situationist Aesthetics: The SI, Now, University of Sussex (paper title: My Name is Tina and I’m a Psychogeographer: Situating the Addictions and Abuses of Urban Walking Today).
  • June 2012: Presented at The London Conference in Critical Thought, Birkbeck College, London (paper title: Formulating Systems of Affect: Developing a methodology for interrogating and responding to the dominant aesthetic).

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Projects and Links

My Name is Hou Je beck and I’m a Psychogeographer

Teachers Getting Lost

Keep the (urban walking) faith!


From 2010 to 2013 Tina collaborated with James Kennell and Wesley Rykalski on a spatio-psychogeographical project that explored British seaside resorts: