• Walking Inside Out – Introduction Extract 3
    Where to Now, Psychogeography!Please click here for part 1 and part 2In 2002 Iain Sinclair said of psychogeography that "the next step is to bury it completely! Let it go and let it re-emerge. I think it needs 15 years to gain some new energy, as I think this energy is rapidly running out" (cited […]
  • Walking Inside Out – Introduction Extract 2
    What Doth a Psychogeographer Make?To provide an aphorism of what psychogeographers do and why they walk assumes they are a generic group, which is not the case. It is as difficult as trying to provide a pithy sentence to describe what a writer or artist does and why they do it. Nevertheless, there are some […]
  • Walking Inside Out – Introduction Extract 1
    What is British Psychogeography?This is the first of a series of short extracts from the upcoming publication Walking Inside Out: Contemporary British Psychogeography. While this volume concentrates on British psychogeography, dividing international and home-grown psychogeography into clearly delineated groups is not representative of the lineage of contemporary urban walking. Psychogeography is about crossing established boundaries, […]

Conferences and Projects

Recent Conferences Papers and Invites to Talk

  • June 2013: Presented at the Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds: Anchoring Rural/Urban Aesthetics
  • June 2012: Panel for the BA Fine Art Degree Show (paid position)
  • Oct 2012: Presented at Heritage Show and Tell, Leeds: Alive and Kicking: The Legacy of Woodhouse Cemetery
  • July 2012: Invited speaker at Land2 Symposium: Close to Home: Artists Reconsider the Local, Leeds (paper title: Speaking of Space: Revealing the Other St George’s Field).
  • June 2012: Presented at Situationist Aesthetics: The SI, Now, University of Sussex (paper title: My Name is Tina and I’m a Psychogeographer: Situating the Addictions and Abuses of Urban Walking Today).
  • June 2012: Presented at The London Conference in Critical Thought, Birkbeck College, London (paper title: Formulating Systems of Affect: Developing a methodology for interrogating and responding to the dominant aesthetic).

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My Name is Hou Je beck and I’m a Psychogeographer

Teachers Getting Lost

Keep the (urban walking) faith!


From 2010 to 2013 Tina collaborated with James Kennell and Wesley Rykalski on a spatio-psychogeographical project that explored British seaside resorts: