Walking Inside Out Cover

Walking Inside Out

Walking Inside Out is the first text that attempts to merge the work of literary and artist practitioners with academics to critically explore the state of psychogeography today. The collection explores contemporary psychogeographical practices, shows how a critical form of walking can highlight easily overlooked urban phenomenon, and examines the impact that everyday life in the city has on the individual.

Concrete Crows

Concrete, Crows and Calluses

This book represents the thoughts and experiences of someone working in the field of urban walking and psychogeography. It attempts to provide a moment-in-time representation of urban aesthetics, while providing analyses and critiques of urban space. The book includes 20 full-colour images. Click here for details.



STEPZ is a psychogeography zine that offers a more grass roots form of psychogeography than my academic work does. STEPZ 1  was released in June 2015 and STEPZ II was a special edition which I collaborated on with Ally Standing  and was exhibited in the summer of 2016.


For a full list of publications, click here. Some of my publications are available as open access and I have included them below:

Cognitively Mapping the Campus