• S T E P Z Official Launch
    S T E P Z: A Psychogeography and Urban Aesthetics ZineS T E P Z is a zine for and by those interested in psychogeography and in critiquing, appreciating and debating urban space. It does not have the strict editorial rules applied to it that would be the case in an academic article, textbook, or […]
  • In Memory of Pauline Mavis White (1946)
    Meeting Across Time and Space in St George’s FieldIn May I was kindly invited by Christine Bairstow to a memorial event in the cemetery at the University of Leeds, St George’s Field. Every year Christine visits the cemetery on the campus where her sister, Pauline Mavis White, is buried. Pauline is Christine’s twin sister and […]
  • When is a Ley Line not a Ley Line?
    The theory of ley lines are attributed to the British author Alfred Watkins (1855-1935). He refers to them in a number of his books, for example The Old Straight Track (1925) and The View Over Atlantis (1969). Ley lines are straight lines that connect culturally historic places of esoteric interest that are woven into the […]


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