• Walking Inside Out – Conclusion Extract 1
    Resurgence and the VirtualOur desire to not only explore the social history of a particular space, but also to express it in a personal and affective way that responds to the aesthetics of that place, is one that comes about through description via our imagination. It is an individual expression which is different for everyone, […]
  • Walking Inside Out - Promotional Material
    Here's the promotional flyer for the book......and the little key rings!Related links:Walking Inside Out - Publishers Page
  • Stepz: A Psychogeography and Urban Aesthetics Zine
    The Launch of a New Urban Walking MagazineStepz is a new hard copy (and digital) zine which has been set up by the contemporary psychogeographer, Tina Richardson. In the process of completing her edited volume, Walking Inside Out (due out July 2015), Richardson felt that there were voices within the field of psychogeography and urban […]


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