• Let’s Talk About What People Don’t Like About Psychogeography – Part 3
    The Situation...Please click here for part 1 and part 2 of the blog.Despite these criticisms (which I do actually consider to be constructive to discussion, even if the actual criticisms themselves are negative ones), I believe psychogeography brings something useful forth. In particular it draws attention to overlooked places (often these liminal spaces criticised by […]
  • The SCRIB Project
    The SCRIB Project has been put in place as a response to the continuing diminishment of and encroachment on our public spaces. This is down to a number of factors which, for convenience, we could place under the rubric of ‘neoliberal policy’. What is significant is how it appears to occur under our very noses […]
  • Let’s Talk About What People Don’t Like About Psychogeography – Part 2
    Please click here for part 1.The Setting...In recent times there have been what could be described as forms of low-level snobbery that have sprung up around psychogeography. For instance, for a reason I do not particularly understand, Will Self's column-turned-books on psychogeography have been harshly judged. Many people do not consider Self to be a […]


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