• Memory, Historicity, Time
    From Walking Inside Out: Contemporary British PsychogeographyThis is the second section of the above upcoming book. Please click here for the first section: The Walker and the Landscape.Our relationship with the city is intrinsically tied up with our knowledge and memory of it. If a particular city is somewhere we know - from today or […]
  • The Walker and the Urban Landscape
    From Walking Inside Out: Contemporary British PsychogeographyThe next few blogs will be introducing each section of the upcoming book (due 2015, Rowman and Littlefield International). I’ll include a short abstract and the authors who will feature in each section.The solitary walker situated within the landscape is not a modern phenomenon, even if the term psychogeography is. […]
  • Walking Inside Out – Book Cover
    This is the new cover for Walking Inside Out: Contemporary British Psychogeography, which is due to be published around autumn 2015 by Rowman and Littlefield International. Here’s a short abstract about the book, but please click here for further info: Walking Inside Out. Abstract:While psychogeography in its broadest sense is as a method of urban […]
  • The New Psychogeography - Update
    I had originally planned to do a series of blogs following on from my first blog on The New Psychogeography, but since then I’ve decided to make the whole final chapter of Walking Inside Out about the new psychogeography instead of turning these blogs into an article. The first blog sparked a lot of discussion […]


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