• Particulations - Guest Blogs
    Here are a list of the psychogeography-related guest blogs for 2016, in order of most recent. If you would like to write a guest blog yourself, please get in touch with me at the contact page here. Thank you.Come, Stravage With Meby Scriber PunkA discussion on the term 'stravage' in the context of Arthur Machen […]
  • Come, Stravage With Me
    by Scriberpunk"What was the word I used this morning?""You used a lot of words this morning. It was like a fucking Will Self lecture."(The Thick of It, BBC 2)I am new to life here in PsyGestan, the land of psychogeography. Like any immigrant to a new country one of the first things you need to […]
  • Urban Gerbil Publications - Catalogue
    Urban Gerbil Publications is a small production, not-for-profit press that specialises in the field of urban aesthetics/semiology, psychogeography, walking practices, space and place, the city, and urban life. Formats and types of publications include: zines, artist’s books, poetry, fiction/non-fiction/creative non-fiction, grassroots academic articles, newsletters, magazines and maps. Below is a list of the current catalogue.S […]


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