• S T E P Z: A Welcome from the Editor
     I shall be taking S T E P Z to the printers on Friday. It will be available online (free) and as a limited edition hard copy by mid-June. Please click here for the overview and here for a rundown of the upcoming contributions.Below is the welcome message from the editor:Welcome to Stepz, the new […]
  • Uncanny Effects and Perambulatory Weirdness…
    . . . at Birmingham New StreetOn 18th May I was kindly invited to Birmingham for the day by the artist Ally Standing to see the new development around the New Street area and also Spaghetti Junction. I took this photo at New Street. This contemporary building has one of the classic motifs of postmodern […]
  • What are Perambulatory Hinges?
    Following on from my mention of ‘perambulatory hinges’ at the World Congress of Perambulatory Sutures last week, I feel the need to qualify the term in order for it to be pinned down as much as possible. If any of my psychogeography students want to use the term, I would hate for them to use […]


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